Fountain "Life", Zaporizhzhia, 2005

One of the most beautiful and original fountains in Ukraine. It has one of the largest balls in Ukraine, which rotates under the action of water. Around are sculptures depicting the life of the Ukrainian people and its entire history from ancient times. The ball in the center of the fountain unites 8 statues (compositions) related to the culture, history and way of life of the Ukrainian people. In particular, in the structure of the sphere the main is the composition of Chernobyl, which crowns the heroism of the liquidators who died during the Chernobyl accident, Cossack Mamai – a symbol of free and independent spirit of the Zaporizhzhia Cossacks, the people of Ukraine preservation of life, the Scythians – the ancient people of the Zaporizhzhia region, the hunter – a symbol of inseparable coexistence of man and nature, stone graves – the place of the first writing of mankind, the steppe – the wealth of the Ukrainian land. Cultural events, performances of dance and song groups, competitions are constantly held near the “Fountain of Life”. It is a meeting place for artists and young people. The author of the idea is the architect, sculptor, Honored Artist of Ukraine Petro Antyp.

Architectural and monumental complex with fountains

The architectural and monumental complex with fountains was developed by Antyp ART-BUD LLC for the city of Severodonetsk, Luhansk region. The author of the project is an architect, sculptor, Honored Artist of Ukraine Petro Antyp.

Infinity Fountain

Architectural and monumental complex “Infinity” was developed by  “Antyp ART-BUD” LLC for the city of Zaporizhzhia. The author of the idea is an architect, sculptor, Honored Artist of Ukraine Petro Antyp. The fountain consists of 25 bowls located on different levels. A unique feature and compositional dominant of the complex is a 5-meter bronze ball (approximately 25 tons). It rises with a certain frequency of water pressure to a height of 3 meters. The project envisages a system of “water” screen 12 meters high and with a total area of ​​180 square meters, which shows laser shows, movies, concerts and more. The complex uses bronze sculptures and natural boulders, and its composition is based on the symbolism of geometric shapes (circle, square), which embody the idea of ​​space, perfection and infinity. Therefore, the fountain organically combines the latest achievements of scientific and technical thought and sophistication of artistic and architectural solutions.

Fountain over the bridge

The project of the fountain over the bridge was developed for Khmilnyk city in 2012. The uniqueness of the project is that the main streams of water intersect with each other directly above the bridge. Special calculations avoid water falling on the roadway. The mode of operation of the lighting system involves periodic multi-colored painting of all jets of the fountain, including descending streams on both sides of the bridge and foam nozzles located in the river on both sides of it. Therefore, one of the advantages of the fountain is the use of summer water, which avoids the installation of special water treatment pools. The height of the two main jets reaches 30 m, length – 60 m. The pump system is designed taking into account their capacity. The conciseness and simplicity of the image-compositional solution of the fountain gives it a special charm and style. And the originality of the idea makes this project a completely innovative development of artistic and engineering thought of the XXI century. The author of the project is an architect, sculptor, Honored Artist of Ukraine Petro Antyp.