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Literary Ukraine • Dmytro Korsun

PETRO ANTIP. Intuitions of the historical steppe

… The person of this artist is extraordinary and unique. The whole spiritual figure of Petro Antyp is so courageous and effective, so strong-willed and effective. Like the masters-intellectuals of the Renaissance, he boldly speaks from an ordinary series of trivialities. It is known that artists, like those ancient iconic masters, become universal expressions of art, and most importantly – at one time. That is precisely what Petro Antyp is. He is a descendant of an ancient Ukrainian family … Read more…

Den / The Day newspaper •
Natalia Malimon

"Today Petro Antyp as an artist moves to the truth"

… From the first days of creation of this museum Petro ANTYP cooperates with its founders – architect, sculptor, painter, graphic artist, public figure, Honored Artist of Ukraine. Victor Korsak erected two large plaster sculptures of Peter Antip at the entrance to his Museum of Contemporary Art…Read more…

Antikvar • Oleg Sidor-Gibelinda


… Even the size of his works – sculptural, majestic, huge, each almost half a wall – or half life; it doesn’t matter that his work, three times smaller, but convincing in its own way, perched next to it. However, the heart of Antyp, hardened among the vast Ukrainian steppes, really belongs to the giant, Herculean formats. And if you want to perceive them adequately, I advise you to stock up on large lungs and breathe as deeply as you can. The paintings are truly from the time of the ancient conquerors, sung by Herodotus, worthy of defying the deity. Read more…

Zbruch • Bogdan Misyuga

"Absolute Equilibrium" by Petro Antyp

… Petro Antyp is not only a sculptor, because painting, handmade graphics  are not subordinate genres for him. His “Steppe Odyssey”, a new figurative mythology in a series of paintings, with which he traveled through all the cities of Ukraine, in my opinion, lasted until he came up with a plan for an abstract interpretation of his myth. The very texture of the image of the living Antyp is a gray-haired “depth of balance and peace.” His life story reminds me of the Roman Stoic Seneca… Read more…

Den / The Day newspaper • Anna Porovatkina

A man of the Ukrainian steppe

… Petro Antyp has long been considered perhaps the most famous contemporary artist of Donbass. First of all, he is well known as a sculptor. One of the best in the country. In his native region, Antyp’s name has always resounded as a leader of the Ukrainian idea. He is, as he puts it, a “nationalist by conviction” – he stood at the origins of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union in Donetsk region, created monuments to Shevchenko and Oleksa Tykhoy… Read more …

Publications in the print media

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